The Importance of Search Engine Marketing: Renting Clicks

It seems that almost everything can be found or solved through a Google search in today’s world. A recent RentPath tenant survey found that more than half of tenants are starting to search for their new home using a search engine. ¹ So when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, search engine marketing is critical. When done properly, a strategic search campaign can help you expand the reach of your property and target market tenants in the crucial moments of their online journey to a new home.

With a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, you can more accurately target marketers using keywords that will populate your ads in online searches. This generates ads for your property at the beginning of the tenant’s search. In addition, you can use “re-targeting” for PPC campaigns, which will use the data to promote your ad to users who may have visited your site in the past, but only need another push to get them over the finish line.

Because you only pay when someone deals with your ads, PPC is one of the most cost-effective tools for generating leads in the rental industry. Still not convinced? Let’s investigate further.

Active online searchers are more qualified leads
With PPC ads, you ensure that your listings are promoted to users who are actively looking for homes for rent in your area. When developing campaigns, you can use specific keywords and placements that trigger ads to users at the exact moment they are looking for their next home.

For example, if your property is a multi-family rental complex located in Atlanta and a user is looking for “rentals available in Atlanta”, he will be immediately exposed to your advertisement and will be directed to your site if he chooses to click. You can customize it by specifying bedrooms, bathrooms, neighborhoods and more – the possibilities are endless.

You help market tenants at the beginning of the search and show them exactly what they are looking for, and ultimately help simplify and shorten their journey. They can then skip scrolling through search pages and spend more time on your listings.

Flexibility and budget control: Ensuring a profitable ROI
With traditional advertising, the cost of your campaign is fixed depending on the ad space, with no real opportunity to adapt immediately if something does not work. You’re locked.

With PPC you can set restrictions so that you never exceed your budget. On the other hand – you can add to your budget if you find something that turns out to be successful. PPC reporting makes it very easy to measure and track the success of a campaign so you can easily understand what is driving your business forward. This additional flexibility allows you to customize each campaign to your needs and budget, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your property.

Search engine marketing is here to stay
Integrated search into people’s daily lives, making it a significant opportunity for marketers to reach their audience with the products they want at just the right moment. Strategic advertising on these platforms is essential for any business to attract the right customers, and the rental industry is no exception.

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